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Windurance designs and delivers performance-optimized wind turbine blade pitch technologies. We leverage Turbine Availability Science™ to engineer optimum blade pitch control and significantly increase the amount of time a wind turbine is available for power production. Maximum turbine availability, power production, and service life are the result of our commitment to the following four things: measurable MTBF that assures reliability; real-time fault tolerance that prevents lost availability; advanced diagnostics and monitoring that prevents downtime; and a modular design that revolutionizes maintenance and repair.


All Windurance full-span blade pitch sub-systems are designed using servo-electric actuators.
Servo electric pitch control is the leading technology in the wind industry. With the ability to achieve 300 to 500 Hz torque response, electric pitch is fast, accurate, and able to make precise adjustments to full-span turbine blades. Sophisticated electronics provide advanced diagnostics, configuration management, and control that enable Windurance pitch systems to integrate with maintenance, condition monitoring, control, and operation strategies. Compared to more conventional actuators, electric pitch systems have low maintenance and high reliability.


By leveraging Turbine Availability Science™, our servo electric, full-span blade pitch systems safely and significantly improve the reliability, installation costs, and operational costs of wind energy production.
Turbine Availability Science™ is an overall application design model that harmonizes the physical forces of the wind with precise dynamic control capability, resulting in reduced stress on the turbine and optimized power production, all the while engineering maximum MTBF for total environment. By engineering the dynamic response of the blades and increasing the sophistication of command and control processing — within all the modeled environmental constraints — Windurance delivers optimized turbine availability.


Having a command over the technology opens new opportunities in the renewables marketspace. For example, our Hybrid Power Management System was developed to maximize the available power from any and all incoming sources dynamically – whether it is from a wind turbine, photovoltaic array, generator or batteries…all at the same time. It is not possible to Integrate standard inverters in this way.