mini-Pitch System

mini-Pitch System

The mini-PITCH is designed to serve the latest wind energy market demands as well as the ones anticipated to emerge and develop in the future. Naturally, as a Windurance engineered product, the new mini-PITCH is modular and easily adapted to wind turbines that are 1.5 MW or smaller.

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mini-PITCH is a family of interconnected and interoperable, processor and network based, closed loop servo power conversion controls, motors, and auxiliary power technologies that are specifically designed for the full span blade pitch application in multi-megawatt wind turbines. These technologies are housed in compact modules that are easy to identify, install and replace. mini-PITCH provides a computing, sensory, and high dynamic performance blade pitch control platform to enable the most advanced turbine control techniques and algorithms to be executed at the pitch system level.

The most significant benefit from the new mini-PITCH system is safe, reliable big turbine control at a fraction of the cost. This system responds to the most significant of issues and harsh conditions that affect utility grade wind turbines, but at a fraction of the cost.

Availability Advantages

  • Proven high MTBF
  • Fault tolerance to extreme AC mains supply transients, differential short circuit and ground fault short circuits on all input and output power and control signals, as well as IEC 62305 Protection Against Lightning
  • Fast and easy servicing requiring few tools and little time
  • On-board, sophisticated diagnostic software and built in indicator lights help troubleshoot issues/problems
  • 20 year maintenance free design life
  • Permanent Magnet Brushless Servo Motors and Closed Loop Servo Controls provide higher speed and torque

The mini-PITCH configuration consists of the following Line Replaceable Units (LRUs):

  • Protection and Distribution Module x 1
  • Pitch Controller Unit x 3
  • Brushless Servo Pitch Motors with Absolute Position Feedback x 3
  • Safety Loop + field bus Cable x 3
  • AC Power Distribution Cable x 3
  • Motor Power and Control Cable x 3
mini-Pitch System