Servo Pitch LRU System

Servo Pitch LRU System
Servo Pitch LRU System

Windurance introduces the Servo Pitch LRU system utilizing modular, Line Replaceable Units (LRU’s). The ultimate in modularity provides for ease of manufacturability and serviceability. The Servo Pitch LRU’s are designed to make installation of the pitch system, fast and uncomplicated. Simple diagnostics and verification tools speed turbine assembly, commissioning, service and maintenance operations.

Windurance experience combines high reliability and low maintenance for a very robust and sophisticated pitch system. The diagnostic software provides quick identification of any required service actions. The standard maintenance interval for the system is 5 years. Longer maintenance intervals available with the use of ultracapacitors.

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Servo Pitch LRU Features:

  • Target turbine size 900kW – 3.5MW
  • Certified High Temperature [50 degrees C] High Humidity 100%RH] units available
  • Up to 30 seconds of operation during total grid loss
  • DC Electric servo motors and brakes
  • Individual Blade Pitch Control
  • Standard Industrial Bus Interfaces
  • Smart charging system extends life of high capacity, long-life SLA batteries
Servo Pitch LRU System