Servo Pitch System

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Servo Pitch System

Windurance blade pitch control systems are custom designed to meet your unique system architectural requirements. Adopting the latest innovative technology, the modular systems are engineered for minimal maintenance and long life.

Download the Windurance Brochure »
Download the Servo Pitch Brochure »

The standard Windurance system includes the following items:

  • 1 Pitch Control Unit (PCU)
  • 3 Emergency Power Units (EPU’s)
  • 3 Electric Servo Motors
  • 3 Feather Position Indicating Limit Switches (FLS)
  • 1 External Shunt Resistor Assembly
  • Heavy-duty cable assemblies with Harting® connections

Windurance Standard System Layout

Servo Pitch System

Windurance Standard System Block Diagram

Servo Pitch System

Harting® is a registered trademark of the Harting Technology Group.

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